Town of
Oneida County, NY

Codes/Zoning Officer

Dan Ford

1084 State Rt 12 PO Box 34
Sangerfield, NY 13455
Table Of Contents:

 Anyone planning to build, alter or expand on property they own, needs to contact the Town Clerk to apply for a building permit.  First, they will be given a zoning permit to be sure the property is being used for the purposes it is zoned for. The zoning officer will contact the person applying for the permits and make an initial determination.  He will either approve or deny the permit.  If approved, the zoning permit will be issued and the process will move to the building permit.  The Codes officer will then look at the plans, check out the dimensions of the buildings, and determine if any alterations will be required.  The codes officer is qualified to determine many of the state or county requirements require further involvement of other agencies.  Once the building permit is issued, the work can begin.  The inspection process continues throughout the building to be sure there are no compromises on materials or processes.  The Town clerk can provide an estimate of the cost of the permits needed.

Building Permit Form (PDF - 56.7 KB)