Town of
Oneida County, NY
 Assessment Information 

March 1st
July 1st
May 1st
May 22, 2018 (always 4th Tuesday of May)
July 1st
Real Property Database:
The Real Property Database contains parcel-level information related to the assessment of real property. This information is the basis for the property taxes paid to local governments and school districts.
Gilbert (Skip) Kemp
1084 State Route 12
PO Box 19
Sangerfield , NY 13455
Phone: 315-841-4884
Uniform Percentage of Value
The percentage of market value (full value) used by an assessing unit to establish uniform assessments. This value must appear on the tentative roll. Real Property Tax Law Section 305 specifies, "all real property in each assessing unit shall be assessed at a uniform percentage of value..."
Taxable Status Date
The ownership and physical condition of real property as of this date are assessed (valued) according to price fixed as of the valuation date. All applications for property exemptions must be filed with the assessor by this date.
Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR)
A percentage established by the State Board of Real Property Services according to law, using the ratio of assessed value to the sales price for each usable residential sale in a recent one-year period. Ratios are then listed from highest to lowest; the midpoint (median) ratio is selected as the RAR. The RAR can be used to prove that a residential property is assessed at a higher level than other homes on the assessment roll. Your locality's RAR indicates at what percent of full value residential properties are assessed. For example, a RAR of 20 indicates that residential properties are assessed at approximately 20 percent of their full value.
Equalization Rate
"State equalization rate" means the percentage of full value at which taxable real property in a county, city, town or village is assessed as determined by the state board." (RPTL Section 102) The rate is a ratio of the sum of the locally determined assessed values for all taxable parcels for a given assessment roll divided by ORPS's estimate of total full value for that same roll.
Tax Collection Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Collector

Function: To receive the town and county property taxes for the residents of the Town of Sangerfield..

Tax payments made be mailed to the Town Hall or paid in person during Town Clerk Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday  from 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm.  The office is closed Thursdays.

Mail to:

Tax Collector, Sylvia Crandall
Sangerfield Town Hall
1084 State Route 12 , PO Box 34
Sangerfield, NY  13455

Tax bills are typically mailed by 12/31. Bills may be paid without penalty by 1/31.

Checks may be made out to: Sylvia J Crandall, Tax Collector

Please call (315) 841-4884 or email with any questions. 


Tax FAQ’s

Q. When will I receive my tax bill, and when is it due?

A. Your Town & County bill will be mailed by December 30 and is due without penalty by January 31st.

February payments have a 1% penalty and March payments have a 1.5% penalty plus $2.00 per parcel for the second and third notice fee.

Q. Can I pay my tax notice by credit card?

A. Yes, you can pay your tax notice by credit card in the office or over the phone.  There will be a 2.45% fee convenience fee added or $3.95 for Visa Debit. 

Q. What is the second and third notice fee?

A. Taxpayers who have not paid their taxes by Feb 1st will receive a second notice and a $2.00 plus the 1% penalty is added to the tax bill.  Taxpayers who have not paid their taxes by March 1st will receive a third notice and a 1.5% penalty plus $2.00 surcharge per parcel. 

Q. Where do I pay my taxes and who do I make the check payable to?

A. Taxes can be paid in person at the Town Hall located at 1084 State Route 12 in Sangerfield. Taxes can also be mailed to the Tax office at the above location. Note – please make sure the envelope is postmarked by the Post Office by the deadline date (NYS RPTL 925) and properly addressed to the appropriate collecting officer. Do not send cash through the mail.    Taxes may also be left in the mailbox by the Town Hall door.

Checks can be payable to – Town of Sangerfield Tax Collector or Sylvia J Crandall, Tax Collector.

Q. Do I have to pay a penalty if I didn’t receive a tax bill?

A. Yes, the failure to mail a statement or the failure of the property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law (NYS RPTL 922). In addition, neither the Tax Collector nor any other official has the legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges. So if you have not received your tax notice please contact the Tax Collector.

Q. Where do I pay delinquent (unpaid) taxes?

A. Delinquent payments can be made at Oneida County Finance Department in the Oneida County Office building, 800 Park Ave., Utica, New York 13501.   Phone 315-798-5754.   Interest and Penalties will be added.

Q. What is Third Party Notification?

A. Property owners who are disabled or 65 years of age or older, and own a one, two or three family home may designate an adult consenting third part to receive duplicate copies of tax bills and notices of unpaid taxes. In order to receive this service, one must fill out a third party notification form RP-923.

Q. Do you accept partial payments?

A   No.   Partial Payments are not accepted.  

Q. How do I receive a receipt?

A. If you are paying your tax by mail and request a receipt it will be mailed to you by the Town . If your bank/escrow holder pays your tax you will automatically receive a receipt.

New homeowners – Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can correct our information. If you do not contact us, the bill for your property will not go where it needs to be and payment can be late and penalized.

Many homeowners have their property taxes paid from an escrow account through their mortgage company. You and/or your lender are not exempt from the various penalties, fees and proceedings that become relevant if an error results in the late or non-payment of your property taxes.

Homeowners who pay off their mortgage or are no longer escrowed for taxes are encouraged to contact the Tax Office so that we may send all future tax bills directly to you as the homeowner.

Homeowners who have moved are encouraged to contact the Tax Office so that we may send the taxes to the current address in a timely manner.